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  • A Building Automation or monitoring device that has Native BACNet capability does not require any additional module, gateway or driver to communicate to other devices with the BACNet communication protocol. The ability to communicate via BACNet is built-in and the device should be able to communicate immediately when connected to a network with other BACNet […]
  • Generally, a suitable form of Internet connection (cable, DSL, cellular, etc.) along with a router is required.  It is recommended to set up port forwarding in the modem or router with a dedicated access port to increase security.
  • An enterprise network is a communications backbone of a company or organization which helps connect computers and related devices across departments and workgroup networks. An enterprise network helps facilitate insight and data accessibility. An enterprise network reduces communication protocols, facilitating system and device inter-operability, as well as improved internal and external enterprise data management. If […]
  • The first thing would be to “ping” the relevant IP address to see if it is responding.  If it is not, the issue is the Internet connection at the IP address or it could be that the IP address of your BAS has changed. This is possible if your BAS is set up to have […]
  • This is a work around for the Dynamic IP Address. This is a service that will refresh the address, for example, http://BuildingA.dymanicDNS.com every time the IP Address changes. This requires that a small program be installed on the building automation server to tell the service when the IP Address changes.
  • Dynamic IP address is the opposite of a static IP. This means that on semi-regular intervals the device with a Dynamic IP address can be assigned a new IP address without the knowledge of the building operators so the device might be “lost” from being accessed. This is also called Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) […]
  • Static IP is an address on your internet that will not change. This is very useful when it is a server or controller that you want to be able to access on a regular or semi-regular basis.