property management

Dimax uses live data to help Property Managers:

> Reduce Energy & Maintenance Cost

By using building data we can determine what’s running unnecessarily, whether equipment is performing at the optimum level, whether the sequences of operation cater to the actual needs of the building and much more. Our proposed measures, once implemented, reduce energy usage and save maintenance cost by confining equipment usage to when it is required.

> Extend Equipment Life

If equipment is operated in accordance with its design, it’s life expectancy will increase.

> Identify New Scope of Work

If new equipment needs to be installed or old systems need repairing, we can identify the exact scope of work as we have access to the data and we are closely acquainted with the building sequences of operations.

> Correctly Implement & Verify New Work

In addition to identifying new work, we can supervise the implementation of new work and verifying correct operation by observing live building data.



Dimax analyses HVAC & utility data to help Asset Management:

> Increase Asset Value by Identifying Improvement Measures

Since Dimax is harvesting live data from the building, we can narrow down on the areas that need focus and address the issues that will increase Asset Value and improve building performance at the same time
> Prioritize Capital Renewal Strategies

Different buildings have different needs depending on their age, the state of their operation and their equipment. By using live data, we can quickly identify where improvements are warranted and help Asset Management allocate their budgets on the issues that are the highest priority.

> Reduce Building Energy & Environmental Footprint

With access to current and historical data from the building, Dimax can quickly identify faulty equipment, whether the building equipment is operating in accordance with the sequence of operation and what’s running when it shouldn’t. Resolving these issues results in reduced energy usage and environmental footprint.

> Make the Building More Profitable

Reduced energy usage directly leads to financial savings in the long run. Moreover, an energy efficient building becomes a more attractive destination for prospective tenants with an environmentally friendly outlook.


building Operators

Dimax supports and helps Building Operators:

> Improve BAS Sequences of Operation

By observing how the building works, Dimax can help Building Operators tune parameters such as setpoints and limits to improve existing sequences.

> Become Aware of Critical Alarms

With Dimax’s notification system, we can alert Building Operators when a critical alarm condition exists or when equipment fails.

> Gain a Better Understanding of How the Building Operates

With continuous data and intimate knowledge of building operation, we can help Building Operators understand how their buildings operate under different conditions. A better understanding of the building helps the Building Operator to make informed decisions on day to day issues.

Manage Service Contractors & Trades

With historical & operational data combined with live data feed, Dimax can help the Building Operator confirm that service contractors and trades are completing repair work properly and returning equipment to the same or better operation than before the repairs were necessary.


Dimax can help Consultants and Engineers:

> Understand Building Behaviour Better

Receiving live point data enables Dimax to have a practical understanding of how the building behaves. For Consultants and Engineers, existing building information can be of immense importance during new and retrofit design.

> Focus on the Required and Necessary Areas of Design

We know where the shortcomings of the building are and where improvements are required. We can assist engineers in quantifying design requirements for their designs.


Dimax can help Building Contractors:

> Obtain Required Data and Information Required for Work Completion

Having access to the building data allows Dimax the ability to provide all the necessary information that is required to make sure the installed system works. We can help Contractors get installation right the first time.

> Help Tune the System

We can help Contractors tune the BAS sequences of operation by modifying parameters and by observing and verifying changes occurring in the system. This eliminates tuning the system by trial and error.

> Provide Valuable Background on Failed Equipment that Requires Repair

When equipment fails, it takes time to understand the cause of the failure and confirm that the repair was successful. With historical data, Dimax can help diagnose the problems and confirm that the system returns to proper operation afterwards.