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  • A Building Automation or monitoring device that has Native BACNet capability does not require any additional module, gateway or driver to communicate to other devices with the BACNet communication protocol. The ability to communicate via BACNet is built-in and the device should be able to communicate immediately when connected to a network with other BACNet […]
  • Dew point temperature is the temperature when the water vapour present in air begins to condense. The dew point can also be defined as the temperature at which the outside air becomes completely saturated with moisture. If the dew-point temperature is close to the dry bulb temperature –  the relative humidity is high If the […]
  • Dry bulb temperature is the temperature that is read by the sensing element on an ordinary temperature sensor or thermometer. Dry-bulb temperature does not take into account the effect of moisture in the air. The wet bulb temperature takes into account the effect of moisture in the air and its effect on the sensing element […]
  • A reset is when the setpoint of the main variable is being changed based on a dependent variable. For example, the setpoint of the hot water supply temperature from the boilers can be changed based on the fluctuations in outside air temperature. As the temperature get warmer outside, the hot water supply temperature can be […]
  • If the sensor has just been installed then call the installer to double check the work to make sure that it is working. If the device has stopped working then ask what has changed in the last X days? (Did a contractor come in to work around that sensor?, Did the system have to be […]
  • There could be two reasons why this could be happening. This could be because the IP Address of your BAS has changed because you did not have a static IP Address. If you do not have a static IP address you would need to use a web browser on your BAS front end computer and […]